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What is Scalable Idea All About


Scalable Idea (SI for short) is a central hub designed to document the process, ideas, and strategies we are implementing to build and optimize our own life and business assets fueled by recurring revenue while helping you improve yours along the way. 

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Who is Ricky Figueroa?

I’m a husband, digital creator, founder of Scalable Idea, and author of The Smart Blog Funnel.

I’m here with my wife, Patricia. You’ll hear a lot about her throughout this journey. Her story is inspiring!

She’s a huge part of this blog. She is my best friend, and my “ride or die” partner in life and business.

Our vision is to create the world’s most resourceful and trusted central hub for bloggers, business owners, and digital creators; to build a place where they would come to get inspired and find the best guides, and tools that will help them live life on their own terms while building an impactful business they are proud of.

How will we do that?

You see, at Scalable Idea, we don’t sell courses. We create premium training (like this one) and give it all away for free.

I’m not suggesting that creating and launching courses is a bad idea. In fact, it is one of the best ways to scale your income.

We are just playing a different game with a different set of rules and values. That’s pretty much it.

That’s why the resources inside of Scalable Idea are centered around 3 things: honesty, simplicity, and results.


The mission

Our Commitment

The mission at ScalableIdea.com is to help creators earn multiple streams of recurring revenue online.

We are creators driven by our own truth, our desire to experience life on our own terms while helping others do the same.

People who desire to create freedom for themselves and get paid to do what they love to do. People like us.

Good people who know there’s more to life than depending on a paycheck while sacrificing our time and energy away from the people we love and the things we love to do.

Instead of telling you what to do, I will show you how we are getting things done to accomplish our own goals.

Use what’s relevant to you, and IGNORE the rest.

When you’re ready, check out the super-helpful (and free) resources we have created for you:

We (Patricia and I) are committed to supporting you by sharing real insights and lessons from our own journey.

That’s why we’ve created tons of free helpful resources, a platform, and a community of good people with zero entitlement issues.

We understand that at the end of the day, it’s up to us to create the positive change we want to see in OUR world, regardless of circumstances, fear, doubts and not feeling “ready.”

These resources, blog, and newsletter exist to empower that positive change.

Just like you, we are a “work in progress,” and we are figuring things out as we go because we don’t know it all.

And, as we discover better ways to grow recurring income online, I will share it all with you, so make sure to subscribe.

If this is your first time here, welcome to our home! Very quick, do the following two things:

1. Connect on Instagram and Twitter.

2. Introduce yourself in the comments section below, and tell us one thing about you that you would like us to know! 😊

Here’s to peace ✌️➝ love ❤️➝ and cash flow! 💰  



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