The Smart Blog Funnel

How to Build a Profitable Blog


Inside this program, you’ll learn how to build a profitable blog that’s scalable. I used to sell this course for $1,997 and $997 at times but…

⚠️I’m giving it to you 100% free of charge.

Scroll down to discover what you’ll learn inside the course, and get access to the modules that are relevant to you, right now, and ignore the rest. 


The Author & Course

I’m a husband, digital creator, founder of Scalable Idea, and author of The Smart Blog Funnel.

Hey, 👋 I’m Ricky Figueroa.

In 2012, I started my first blog, which lifted me up from the ashes. That first blog allowed me to go from $3.50 in my bank account to earn $36,825 in my first 90 days by leveraging a specific strategic process that is still relevant today.

The core principles of the framework I leveraged, are found inside this course, which I originally created under the name of my company, Blog Launch Insider.

It took me 8 months and so much coffee to record and edit 70 video lessons and countless additional resources for this course. 

I recommend you take from it what’s aligned with your own values and priorities. Then, ignore the rest.

⚠️Important Detail:

The Smart Blog Funnel is designed for people who already have a website with a blog. If you don’t have a blog yet and want to know how to get started, go to my free course on How to Start Your Own Blog, and follow my step-by-step instructions.

So, what’s inside the Smart Blog Funnel?

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Module 1

The Big Picture

In this module we’ll explore with an eagle’s eye view, the core elements of a blog that’s profitable.

  • Introduction: Core Foundational Elements
  • Lesson 1: The Perfect Customer Formula
  • Lesson 2: The Success Ladder
  • Lesson 3: The Smart Blog Funnel Explained
  • Lesson 4: The 3 Types of Traffic

Module 2

Creating Your Course

In this module we’ll come up with an online course that’s helpful and impactful for your customers.

  • Introduction: Creating a Course that Sells
  • Lesson 1: Breaking Down the Numbers
  • Lesson 2: Naming, Positioning & Pricing
  • Lesson 3: The Strategic Framework
  • Lesson 4: Recording & Editing Your Course
  • Lesson 5: Delivering Your Course

Module 3

Launching Your Course

In this module we’ll develop step by step, the launch strategy for your online course. It’s promotion time!

  • Lesson 1: The Art of the Pre-Launch
  • Lesson 2: The Pre-Launch Strategy (Part 1)
  • Lesson 3: The Pre-Launch Strategy (Part 2)
  • Lesson 4: Creating a Sales Page & Sales Video
  • Lesson 5: The Post-Launch (Part 1)
  • Lesson 6: The Post-Launch (Part 2)

Module 4

The Profit Booster

In this module you’ll learn how to create more relevant offers that inspire your new customers to buy more.

  • Lesson 1: Defining Your Core Offer
  • Lesson 2: Creating Your Core Product Fast
  • Lesson 3: Introduction to Upselling
  • Lesson 4: What’s Working Now
  • Lesson 5: Writing Your Upsell Pitch
  • Lesson 6: Increasing Lifetime Customer Value
  • Lesson 7: Creating Your Upsell
  • Lesson 8: Expanding Your Product Line

Module 5

Customer Acquisition

In this module you’ll learn how to craft high converting offers designed to turn blog visitors into brand new customers.

  • Introduction: Inside the Smart Blog Funnel Model
  • Lesson 1: The 12-Step Sales Letter Formula
  • Lesson 2: Crafting a High Converting Offer
  • Lesson 3: Bonus Stacking Strategy
  • Lesson 4: The ‘Perfect’ Pricing Strategy
  • Lesson 5: Sales Letter Power Words
  • Lesson 6: Sales Letter Exit Pop-Up Offers

Module 6

Lead Acquisition

In this module you’ll learn how to build landing pages designed to acquire leads of potential buyers.

  • Introduction: Understanding Lead Magnets
  • Lesson 1: Choose & Create Your Lead Magnet
  • Lesson 2: The 8-Step Lead Magnet Checklist
  • Lesson 3: Creating Attention-Grabbing Headlines
  • Lesson 4: When to Use a Squeeze Page
  • Lesson 5: Choosing & Creating Your Squeeze Page
  • Lesson 6: Landing Page Optimization

Module 7

Email Marketing

In this module you’ll learn how to communicate with your audience, so they will be dying for more.

  • Introduction: Inside the Smart Blog Funnel Model
  • Lesson 1: The ICE Breaker Sequence
  • Lesson 2: The Scarcity Injection Sequence
  • Lesson 3: The Customer Stick Campaign
  • Lesson 4: The Refund Reducer

Module 8

Lead Generation Engine

In this module you’ll learn the secrets to turning your blog into a 24-hour lead generation machine.

  • Introduction: Inside the Smart Blog Funnel Model
  • Lesson 1: The Home Page on Steroids
  • Lesson 2: The Perfect About Page
  • Lesson 3: The Resource Page Tactic
  • Lesson 4: Strategic Content Upgrades
  • Lesson 5: The Smart Sidebar
  • Lesson 6: Thrive Leads Edition

Module 9

The Tech Shortcut

In this module you’ll watch over my shoulder as I SHOW you how to take care of all the techie stuff.

  • Lesson 1: Keynote Edition
  • Lesson 2: LeadPages Edition
  • Lesson 3: OptimizePress Edition
  • Lesson 4: SamCart Edition
  • Lesson 5: Screenflow Edition
  • Lesson 6: Staying Organized
  • Lesson 7: Visual Creatives
  • Lesson 8: Wishlist Edition
  • Lesson 9: Wistia Edition
  • Lesson 10: Podia Edition (coming soon)
  • Lesson 11: ConvertKit Edition (coming soon)
  • Lesson 12: GetResponse Edition (coming soon)
  • Lesson 13: ClickFunnels Edition (coming soon)